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About MODE


The Company


MODE, Inc. is a Global company founded in 2014 with offices in Silicon Valley, CA and Tokyo, Japan. 

At MODE, We are driven to find endless possibilities to help organizations more easily leverage their data & insights that improve operations, safety, & efficiencies through the use of IOT & AI.

The Start


It all started between two best friends and a Raspberry Pi.   NOT that Raspberry pie… it was the small computer board -Raspberry Pi.  

With the California drought in mind, Gaku (our Founder) programmed it to do the job.  AND It worked amazingly!

He shared his excitement with his buddy, Ethan (our Co-Founder) and they both started thinking about the endless possibilities with adding more computing power and features..

Well…that’s how MODE was born! 



We Take Care of Our People and Partners
At MODE, Inc., we hire great people and challenge them to do great things. We provide opportunities to build skills and constantly challenge each other to get out of our comfort zones in order to grow personally and professionally.

The Customer is our Partner
Without our customers, we don’t have a business. Our Goal is to be your partner for the long haul and we never forget that. We put our customers at the center of every decision we make. We have extensive knowledge and experience with IoT and software development, however, —it’s really about the value we can deliver to our customers.

End-to-End Ownership
At MODE, Inc. we’ve embraced the value of end-to-end ownership, honesty and transparency. Every project has a dedicated project manager and is in charge of making it happen quickly, reliably and with clear communication with the customer.  

Every Problem Has a Solution
We believe there are no unsolvable problems, we embrace challenges and want to unlock endless possibilities. Each time we solve a problem, we re-think how we can incorporate this into our software and make it easier, more reliable and cost effective for the next time. 

Value of Suggestions and Feedback
We have found converting customers to partners is about listening and understanding their challenges, keeping an open mind for ideas and always respecting their valuable feedback. Its how we continue to learn and grow. 

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Our Team at MODE

Our team of software engineers are focused on enhancing business owners' capabilities, from large-scale cloud platform development to low-level Linux system development.

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Our Mission

Create tools for businesses to leverage their own data and insights, allowing them to be proactive and efficient.

Our Vision

Normalize the ability for business owners to make informed decisions by leveraging visualized, real world data.



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Leadership Team

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Gaku Ueda

Gaku has held leadership roles in some of the most prominent technology firms in Silicon Valley, driving engineering of services that run on a massive scale. Prior to founding MODE, Inc., he was Director of Engineering at Twitter. At Google, he led the team that launched Google Maps in Japan and grew the service into a market leader. In his spare time, Gaku is an avid cyclist, electronics tinkerer and collector of vintage personal computers.

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Ethan Kan

Ethan is a software architect, coder and API designer. As the first engineering hire of ONElist, he helped create one of the first social networks of the Internet. He went on to become the tech lead of Yahoo Groups, overseeing both development and operations. Before co-founding MODE, he was Director of Engineering at social games company 50Cubes.

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