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The Laboratory of the Future


Why are your researchers, scientist and laboratory assistants doing work that could be done by an BizStack AI Assistant? 

...and it will be working for you 24-hours per day! 

MODE provides a real-time BizStack AI Assistant that can collect over 1-billion data points per day!  That would normally take years to accomplish! 

BizStack AI Assistant helps keeps projects on schedule to meet completion deadlines and reduces the amount of time researchers, scientist and outside team members take to locate data, input data, create reports and help manage your laboratories.

A few benefits include: 

  • Gain valuable insights in your research laboratories, save on preventative maintenance and improve efficiencies otherwise not known.

  • Utilize your data with visualizations, dashboards and Generative AI. 

  • Use video camera AI technology to inspect quality, monitor movement, and eliminate human error. 

  • Collect data from siloes equipment and monitor on one platform from anywhere in the world.

  • Use BizStack AI Assistant as part of your team to input and retrieve information.  All through natural language! 

Try a PoC that can easily scale! 

The Laboratory of the Future!
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We envision the laboratory of the future to represent a significant evolution from today's research and laboratory practices, leveraging advanced technology, AI, digital tools, and innovative methodologies to radically improve operational efficiency, safety, reliability, and overall project management.

Examples of technologies:

  • BizStack AI Assistants working 24-hours/day
  • Automated Research Laboratories
  • Wearable Technology
  • Digital Twins
  • Smart Safety Gear
  • Collaborative Robots on one platform
  • Video AI for operational efficiency & safety



  • End-to-end deploy solutions.
  • Designed to be highly customizable to make your research lab smarter.
  • 100% Guaranteed reliable arrival data from all of your devices, equipment and sensor products.
  • Data is uniquely prepared, structured, and secured for ongoing IoT and AI applications, or digital-twin like format.
  • Proven deployments with some of the world's largest companies! 
  • Connect siloed systems and equipment to one platform.
  • Receive & retrieve data from anywhere in the world through AI Chat Assistant! 
  • Sensor service plug-in architecture.
  • Unlike other platforms, data can be simultaneously collected through asynchronous programming -Where experience counts!
  • Used in over 200 locations and over 30 Global Brands.