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BizStack  -The Next Generation IoT Platform

BizStack is a simple yet powerful solution that revolutionizes the world of Internet of Things (IoT). With its end-to-end technology stack, this platform offers a wide range of plug-in communication protocols and over 50+ built-in device drivers. It also provides highly customized dashboards and continuous improvement software that can be deployed 4X faster and at 75% less cost compared to in-house developers or outside consultants.

Connect seamlessly to any device, equipment, product, sensor, or legacy system, and effortlessly collect data from anywhere. Gain valuable insights across multiple sites through intuitive visualization tools.

BizStack goes beyond the ordinary by offering a highly customized experience that addresses the challenges of reliability and scalability. It drives your organization towards a digital transformation (DX), propelling you into the future.

Do you want to use Generative AI to further improve efficiencies?  BizStack properly structures data to be used with BizStack AI Assistant.   

Click here to read more on BizStack AI Assistant.



BizStack Structure


Data Collection, Accumulation, Visualization & Utilization in one IoT Platform


Remote Gateway- Anywhere

  • Simple and Easy to Install & Setup
  • Vendor /Device Agnostic -Connects to Anything
  • Built-in 'Peripheral Drivers' Allow for Plug-in Functions that can Connect any Sensor/Equipment
  • Custom-made peripheral drivers can also be added to communicate with proprietary data source
  • Edge Gateway for On-site, Reliability and Secure data
  • 50+ Types of Sensors Supported 
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Accurate & Reliable data

  • 100% Arrival Guarantee for Data Acquired From Device
  • Continuously Collect & Utilize Data on People, Devices, Products, Equipment and the Environment
  • Highly Vendor-Neutral and can Acquire Data From Various Systems
  • Collect Large Amounts of Data at the Same Time
  • Have Data Ready for On-going IoT and Ai Applications


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BizStack Dashboard

  • Intuitive Cloud-based Dashboard 
  • Beautiful & Easy-to-Use UI with Business Situations at a Glance
  • Metric-Based Data Analytics 
  • Customized or Boxed Business Metrics to Help Make Informed Decisions
  • Setup & receive data "alerts" 
  • Endless Possibilities for IoT!
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Make Data Usable

Designed for Reliability, Flexibility and Savings


BizStack continuous improvement software stack allows for a 4X faster deployment and over 70% savings compared to in-house development. 


Reliable & Accurate

Data Guaranteed

The MODE "Edge" gateway was designed to collect "Live" data with security and reliability as a priority. We guarantee 100% reliable arrival data from any device from any location.

We work with your organization to provide highly customizable end-to-end packaged IoT solutions.

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Is Your Data in Silos or Not Usable?

Unlock endless possibilities with an easy, reliable and secure solution to capture data from various devices, products, people, equipment and legacy systems, with a customized intuitive user dashboard, so you can make decisions that improve operations and solve your organization's challenges with one vendor agnostic IoT platform.


Applications for All Industries

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Accelerate Development

We prepare a packaged solution for your specific Iot needs to speed up development timelines.

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Our flexible, scalable solution is built for businesses of all sizes. It's easy to expand and maintain an efficient operation as needed.


Data Agnostic

Our platform allows enterprises to manage their sensor data regardless of how it is formatted and where it exists today.


Seamless Integration

Our platform integrates with your existing systems and data warehouses to further automate your service workflows.

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Expert Support

Our team of experts will be there every step of the way with tools that help make it easy to provide world-class service and monitor projects from anywhere in any situation

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Remote Updates

With over-the-air updates, you can update the gateway program remotely using a wireless network.

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