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We Help Create a Future Where Data From the Physical World, Humans and AIs are Working Together as a Team.

BizStack AI Assistant combines generative AI's general knowledge with real-time on-site data and human input to report on on-site conditions in a natural and easily understandable manner. This real-time information along with historical information will be automatically organized, visualized and provides insights with access by use of phone chat and will act as a virtual assistant to report information quickly, reliably, and accurately.

MODE leverages over a decade of providing their proven BizStack IoT platform to collect data from sensor- based technology to generate vast data sets which can be processed in real-time using highly secured cloud capabilities. This will enable organizations to observe and understand the physical world in new ways not previously possible.

By information this readily available will save organizations a significant amount of time, money and help with their digital transformation along with operational efficiencies.


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REal-Time Site Data


1) Over 1-Billion Data Points per Day

BizStack AI Assistant combines generative AI's general knowledge with real-time on-site data and human input to provide reports on on-site conditions in a natural and easily understandable manner. BizStack AI Assistant provides over 1-billion data points per dat.  That would normally take years to gather.  -Then what do you do with it? AI Assistant will monitor your sites 24-hours per day, in real-time information and provides emergency alerts as if you had your own AI assistant on site.

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Like a natural conversation


2) Instantly analyzes data through chat

BizStack AI Assistant allows you to aggregate data and create graphs using natural language, as if you were having a conversation with a colleague. There's no need to perform complex operations on your smartphone or tablet. Simply provide simple instructions through the chat tool, and BizStack AI Assistant automatically organizes, visualizes, and reports the results.

Data is Secure!


3) Highly secure & only accessible to who you approve

MODE's unique 'entity' based cloud data infrastructure allows for the highest levels of security, while providing access level control for both internal personnel and external clients or partners.  


Time series data acquisition

Efficiently acquire time-series data collected from the field. Aggregate average values, counts, etc., and visually analyze them using graphs.

Image/video data acquisition

Instantly acquire images and video data taken on-site. Can be used immediately for quality checks and status checks.

Alert notification

Proactive notifications based on set conditions based on thresholds and gateway operating status. Respond immediately to emergencies.

Preventative Maintenance

Get automatic notifications on preventative maintenance issues at your requested locations

Technical consulting

Ask about your site and get updates or compare days, weeks, months or years. 

Q&A function

Customer-specific Q&A can be registered, and it also functions as a FAQ chatbot. Generation AI widely responds to variations in the wording of questions.


Construction Sites

When unexpected issues arise on a construction site,  AI Assistant steps up to automatically report and provide support to the site supervisor. Unlike typical chatbots, AI Assistant is equipped with specially designed alert functions that swiftly detect abnormalities. In case of an emergency, the assistant promptly notifies the site supervisor. With its advanced natural language capabilities, conversations flow effortlessly, allowing you to communicate stress-free with AI right in the midst of the action.


Logistics, Transportation and Ports

BizStack AI Assistant provides reliable real-time information of your equipment, transportation, or port locations. By giving instructions in natural language, BizStack AI Assistant centralizes data from multiple facilities, buildings, and other locations and automatically generates daily reports. Furthermore, since it also supports indoor positioning data, it is possible to analyze the positions and movement of workers and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and creates reports based on that information. Improve your organization's work efficiency as if you had a professional assistant on site.

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Biotech /Research Laboratories

Seamlessly gather data remotely from various laboratory equipment, research projects, human input, and from any geographical location. Our user-friendly dashboard, along with a selection of over 50 easy-to-install plug-n-play sensor types, ensures rapid deployment by virtually anyone. Your data is safeguarded with customizable access controls and optimized for integration with our AI-powered chat interface.                                                                                                           

 ...It's like having a knowledgeable and trainable team member at your disposal!

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MODE Helps Your Organization Create a Future Where Data, Humans and AIs are Working Together as a Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started with BizStack AI Assistant?

MODE is uniquely structured to create a generative AI solution for your organization and it is 70% less expensive than using other AI companies due to our BizStack IoT solution that is already set up to take on data from any sensor, device, equipment and other platforms.  

How long does it take to get up and going with BizStack AI Assistant?

First, we work with your organization to address the challenges and find solutions to help with the goals you are trying to accomplish.  Next, we deploy our BizStack Gateway to connect and collect data from sensors, devices, equipment and other platforms.  Finally, BizStack AI Assistant collects ongoing data and will continue to learn as it moves forward.   This step usually takes 2-3 months, however,  BizStack AI Assistant will continue to learn and grow with your organization.

How does our data stay secure with BizStack AI Assistant?

Securing your data is our top priority! The data itself is stored in the highly secure BizStack cloud using our unique entity-based structure and ongoing security policy measures, along with AWS Cloud security services.  From enterprise security to mission critical, we have you covered! 

We are experts with security and is why some of the world's largest technology companies continue to work with MODE.  We will also provide consultancy services to make sure you are protected.