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Commercial Applications

BizStack is highly customizable, device & system agnostic and provides endless opportunities to help commercial businesses address everyday challenges.

BizStack is an open-sourced IoT platform that connects data from any device, equipment, legacy network or system and allows data to be freely shared while opening doors to new applications at a lower cost.

Reliable Data

About 80% of all commercial buildings and businesses are still working with siloed and proprietary networks, systems or SaaS platforms specific to one manufacturer. This limits the possibilities to capture data across from different devices and once you are locked in to a specific network or system, costs sky-rocket. However, siloed networks and systems are relatively simple to resolve with the right solution. BizStack can easily break down the barriers of siloed systems and save your organization up about 90% in developer costs.

BizStack collects 100% guaranteed reliable data for dependable operations, while providing a highly customized cloud-based solution that can be viewed and managed by your team and /or customers. Create your own IoT platform for you or your customer.


  • Remote continuous monitoring and data collection at multiple sites in real time with 100% guaranteed reliable data
  • Increase operational efficiency and productivity
  • Save on equipment maintenance costs by performing troubleshooting remotely
  • Achieve real-time location information of workers, vehicles, or devices
  • Connect your Siloed Systems
  • Create a digital twin of your buildings
  • Customizable dashboard to be managed by your team and / or customers
  • BizStack provides endless possibilities
  • We view our customers as partners. Without our customers, we don’t have a business. We will never forget that!
  • Our goal is to be your partner for the long haul and help your team with cost-effective IoT solutions.