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Connected Robots

BizStack is highly customizable and provides endless opportunities for remote maintenance, monitoring, fault detection, customer interfacing from anywhere.
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Improve Operations & Products

BizStack collects 100% guaranteed reliable data for a dependable and successful robot development and operation, while providing a highly customized cloud-based solution that can be viewed and managed by your team and /or customers. Data can easily be obtained from sensors, the robot and even from normally siloed systems, into one IoT platform, so you can more easily improve operations and products.

We can create a highly customizable SaaS platform for added value and revenue streams.  

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  • Robot usage data and fault details can be used to improve products
  • Save on maintenance costs by performing troubleshooting remotely.
  • Collect Data from robots of multiple manufacturers
  • KPI tracking
  • Incident recording video playback
  • Operation history display
  • Audit logging
  • Customizable dashboard to be managed by your team and / or customers
  • BizStack provides Endless Possibilities…