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Digital Transformation

BizStack was designed with endless possibilities in mind.

Adoption & Implementation of Digital Technology

Digital transformation (DX) is the process of adoption and implementation of digital technology like the Internet-of-Things (IoT) by an organization in order to create new or modify existing products, services and operations. The goal for its implementation is to increase value through innovation, invention, customer experience or efficiency. BizStack helps with your DX by unlocking endless possibilities with a reliable, vendor agnostic, Internet of Things (IoT) solution to capture “live” data from any device, equipment, people, or legacy system. An intuitive user cloud-based dashboard with customized industry metrics help your organization make informed decisions that improve operations and drive you towards a digital transformation. We work together to implement and refine the right, unified tools, data strategy, data management, process and analytics to enable that accurate data insight – aligning and refining on and offline data to support intelligently informed decision-making across the organization.


  • Ready-made, plug & play, and easy to deploy IoT services.
  • Designed to be highly customizable for every IoT and DX application.
  • 100% Guaranteed reliable arrival data from all of your devices, products, equipment and legacy systems
  • “Unique data organization system which enables users to easily organize collected data as digital-twin like format.
  • Ready-made, high level integrations between components -devices to dashboard.
  • Sensor service plug-in architecture.
  • Unlike other IoT platforms, data can be simultaneously collected through
  • asynchronous programming -Where experience counts!
  • Used in over 200 locations and over 30 Global Brands.