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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MODE do?

MODE provides guidance and tools for more businesses to improve their operations by connecting them to their data and insights, allowing them to be more proactive and efficient in what they want to accomplish.

What is BizStack?

BizStack is an IoT Solution. It combines a product and a service and it rolled up in a easy process to employ for most any organization.  

BizStack unlocks endless possibilities by providing a reliable vendor agnostic Internet of Things (IoT) solution to capture “live” data  from any device, equipment, legacy network or system.   An intuitive user cloud-based dashboard with customized industry metrics help your organization make informed decisions that improve operations and drive you towards a digital transformation. 

A main feature of the BizStack Solution is leveraging our team of experienced IoT Application engineers who understand industry metrics along with dedicated project managers to help guide customers to a successful IoT development.

What is a Digital Transformation (DX)?

 Digital transformation (DX) is the ongoing process of improving business operations and products with digital solutions. DX is all about data.  

 IoT is a rapidly evolving technology and the increasing adoption of interconnected devices, is optimally positioned to drive digital transformation across various industries.

By having the right IoT platform, it enables businesses to collect and analyze vast amounts of data in real-time.  It helps facilitate the optimization of business processes, the creation of new revenue streams, and the development of innovative business models.

Who are MODE's customers?
MODE's customers come from many different industries.  They are usually seeking solutions to their data & IoT problems or want to move to a digital transformation.  Many times its due to cost or not having the right talent in-house to make it happen.  There can be many Customer facing issues or challenges we can help with:
  • Data is siloed
  • Data not usable
  • Costs
  • Not have employees /talent to do integrations
  • Organizations not agile
  • Improvements with Performance or Efficiencies
  • Customers need a way to more easily capture and use data
  • Have multiple platforms
  • Legacy system challenges
  • Not able to collect data
  • Customers do not have capabilities to build IoT platform
  • Don’t know where to start 
  • Customer do not know issues or problems yet


Can MODE help with any IoT application?

Yes!  A main feature of the BizStack Solution is utilizing our team of experienced IoT Application Engineers and Software Developers who understand industry metrics.  We ask the right questions and understand your organization's goals so we can build a successful IoT platform tailored to your specific needs.

How is BizStack 4X Faster to deploy & 90% Less Expensive than in-house staff or consultants?

MODE has worked on a large number loT projects using the same software foundation.  Continuous improvements on the software stack made it solid and reliable.  While other IoT systems are still built as custom software, the MODE solutions can be deployed faster, cheaper and much more reliably.

What does "Vendor Agnostic" mean?

Vendor agnostic means being open to all viable and established solutions. It also means having the proper support infrastructure to support their customers or prospects. In other words, a vendor agnostic company is not tied to the products of a specific manufacturer.

By having a 'vendor agnostic' IoT platform, your organization can freely share and use data across multiple devices, equipment, people, legacy systems and it opens the doors to new applications at a lower cost.

What is a "data silo"?

A data silo is a collection of information or data isolated from an organization or inaccessible to all parts of a company hierarchy.  Data silos create expensive and time consuming problems for organizations, create barriers and limitations for cross-collaboration of data with individual networks or systems.  About 80% of all organizations are still working with siloed and proprietary networks, systems or SaaS platforms specific to one manufacturer. This limits the possibilities to capture data across from different devices and once you are locked in to a specific network or system, costs sky-rocket. However, siloed networks and systems are relatively simple to resolve with the right solution.  BizStack can an easily break down the barriers of siloed systems and save your organization up about 90% in developer costs. 

How long does it take for a "Proof of Concept" project to get launched?

A Proof of Concept or PoC usually take 4-6 weeks to deliver to the customer.  We start with our 

1) Meet the Team (MODE with Customer team) -We get to know the team players involved, listen to challenges faced, ideas and ask questions.  

2) Strategy & Consultancy -Deeper dive into technical challenges, priorities, expectations, address concerns,  ideas and build out a proposal, etc.  Receive approval to build PoC.

3) Proof of Concept - Customer to install gateway and MODE to connect data and systems. Fairly easy process!

4) Growth steps -We grow as part of your team with ongoing applications after proving ourselves!


What are the capabilities of MODE?

We believe there are no unsolvable problems, we embrace challenges and want to unlock endless possibilities. Each time we solve a problem, we re-think how we can incorporate this into our software and make it easier, more reliable and cost effective for the next time. 

MODE engineering team covers a wide range of software engineering capabilities from large-scale cloud platform development to low-level Linux system development. By having wide range of software engineering capabilities in a team, MODE has an unique strength of developing a coherent end-to-end solution.

What is 100% Guaranteed reliable data mean?

Data is critical when it comes to solving our customers problems.  We guarantee reliable arrival data from all of your devices, products, equipment and legacy systems to transition your organization to be more agile and move towards a digital transformation(DX).  We use an application specific "edge" gateway with our unique "software stack" to collect accurate and reliable data. This is the MODE data guarantee.