Keeping the production line humming

For a manufacturing line to operate efficiently, it requires many moving parts to be all be working in harmony. If even one small process issue arises, it can bring down the entire production line.

Carl’s wife is very upset

Carl has a lot of responsibility. His job at the factory is to keep the equipment and machines up and running. As he’s about to leave the house and head to the airport for a long-anticipated Paris vacation with his wife, he gets the dreaded call: The production line is producing defective products.

Millions of dollars of production are being lost, and Carl’s vacation is off. Carl is immediately on the phone to his vendor and the news gets worse: It will be a week before a technician can get out to diagnose the problem, and another week for parts to be delivered.

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MODE delivers IoT intelligence

Transforming Carl’s production line into an intelligent system dramatically reduces the threat of future outages.

Here’s how it works: By connecting the production machines and equipment via sensors to MODE’s IoT platform, real-time data is streamed 24/7 so Carl can check the health of his line at any time and from anywhere. Further, the system is designed to recognize warning signs, which automatically trigger alerts and initiate maintenance processes.

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No more cancelled vacations

By continually collecting production line data, the system accumulates historical data that Carl can use to anticipate machine failures, giving him the power to prevent problems before they have a chance to interrupt production.

With the MODE IoT solution in place, Carl can finally enjoy that European vacation with his wife. In the end, Carl’s job is to keep his wife humming – just like his production line.

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