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With a long R&D, testing, and approval process, Nancy is always looking for ways to speed up experiments in her pharmaceutical lab. IoT has proven to be her newest and best tool.

Nancy is losing sleep

As lab director, Nancy is always running multiple experiments to develop new and innovative drugs. Her experiments run 24/7 in the lab and many can run for months before the results are known. That puts a huge burden on her team. Traditionally, scientists have simply watched and monitored their experiments in person.

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The IoT connected lab

With instruments equipped with sensors and controllers that link to MODE’s platform, real-time operational data will be constantly collected and monitored. When a sensor detects a problem with an instrument, an email alert will be sent. The instrument can be remotely adjusted in the shortest turn-around time possible. Also, inventory levels can be monitored in real time. Purchasing can be notified at trigger levels so purchase orders can be issued in a timely manner.

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No more night shifts

Leveraging the instrument with IoT capabilities, Nancy’s has had a major effect on the lab’s efficiency. Nancy doesn’t have to periodically check the experiment overnight. She can remotely check when the system alerts her via SMS, ending Nancy’s insomnia.

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