Managing a massive solar farm from a laptop screen

Owning and operating solar farms is a logistical nightmare. Arrays of panels are spread out over hundreds of acres, and if they are not well maintained, energy output is lost.

Bill’s dollars keep slipping away

Bill owns income-producing solar farms. His business goal sounds simple: Maximize his investment. His farms have thousands of solar panel arrays, and because of its scale, sometimes panel outages go unnoticed for weeks, even with scheduled maintenance. This makes Bill upset.

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MODE has a better idea

Bill won’t solve the problem by hiring a larger maintenance team. The ultimate solution is real-time monitoring and forecasting. That’s where MODE steps in.

Bill utilizes MODE’s solar farm solution to monitor and collect the performance data of every solar panel, and get up-to-date insights on the status of his farms from anywhere.

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Now there’s a big grin on Bill’s face

With MODE’s IoT solution implemented, Bill can sit back and relax while his solar farms meet his business goals. He is maximizing the return on his investment by boosting his energy production.

Bill gets notified even when the slightest issue arises with his panels, and his solar farms always produce energy at full capacity. With the current maintenance team, he can now manage more solar farms at the same cost. Now Bill is ready to invest in his next solar farm.

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