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Meet OuR Experienced leaders


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Gaku Ueda 

Gaku has held leadership roles in some of the most prominent technology firms in Silicon Valley, driving engineering of services that run on a massive scale. Prior to founding MODE, Inc., he was Director of Engineering at Twitter. At Google, he led the team that launched Google Maps and grew the service into a market leader. He also spent a number of years at Yahoo. In his spare time, Gaku is an avid cyclist, electronics tinkerer and collector of vintage personal computers.

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Ethan Kan 

Ethan is a software architect, coder and API designer. As the first engineering hire of ONElist, he helped create one of the first social networks of the Internet. He went on to become the tech lead of Yahoo Groups, overseeing both development and operations. Before co-founding MODE, he was Director of Engineering at social games company 50Cubes.