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Legacy system upgrades made simple and cost effective

Simple & Cost Effective Solutions

More than half of global companies are still using legacy systems that are proprietary and the cost to upgrade is extremely expensive. These legacy systems most likely work in siloed networks or systems and limit the possibilities to capture data across different devices in-house or remotely. BizStack offers many simple and cost effective solutions to build on the legacy system and can easily break down the barriers of siloed systems and save your organization up about 90% in developer costs.

By having a 'vendor agnostic' IoT platform, your organization can freely share and use data across multiple devices, equipment, people, legacy systems and it opens the doors to new applications at a lower cost. The data only has value if it is reliable and accurate then can be used to find useful patterns or real time insights that help the organization reach their goals. This data also contains vast amounts of information and can either overload legacy systems or the data is proprietary at the source. The flexibility and cost effectiveness of BizStack vendor agnostic IoT platform has created endless possibilities.


  • Ready-made, plug & play, and easy to deploy IoT services
  • Designed to be highly customizable for every IoT and DX application
  • 100% Guaranteed reliable arrival data from all of your devices, products, equipment and legacy systems
  • “Unique data organization system which enables users to easily organize collected data as digital-twin like format
  • Remote monitor all your facilities
  • Sensor-agnostic plug-in architecture -device to dashboard
  • Unlike other IoT platforms, data can be simultaneously collected through asynchronous programming -Where experience counts!
  • Used in over 200 locations and over 30 Global Brands.