What is MODE?

  • MODE is a packaged solution for building a cloud business

    Most IoT cloud platforms are strictly building blocks that form parts of the final system. With those types of solutions, you need to design and build a substantial amount of custom software. MODE is a fully packaged cloud solution designed to build a service business for your product, and it covers more than just device connectivity. MODE’s solution is ready to go.

  • MODE is faster, safer and more affordable

    You want to create a business around your product — not just build an IoT system. By using MODE, a solution that has been carefully designed and implemented, you can save significant time, risk, and cost, when compared to building a one-off, custom system.

  • MODE is a solution to run and scale your business

    Your cloud solution will grow to have thousands of users. You can’t rely on IoT platforms that are limited to single-server installations. MODE’s cloud solution is built with modern, forward-thinking needs in mind — a highly adaptable and scalable system that will run without interruptions for years to come.