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BizStack is an end-to-end IoT platform that enables advancements in manufacturing, plant safety, worker performance, and operational efficiencies.

Simple, yet powerful, the BizStack IoT solution collects ‘real-time’ data from any sensor, device, product, equipment or legacy system  -and from anywhere in the world! 

Data is cleaned, ‘uniquely’ structured & our highly customizable intuitive dashboards provide powerful insights along with properly securing it in the cloud for ongoing IoT and Ai applications.   

Utilize one dashboard to visualize or compare multiple location's data, outcomes and performance. 

BizStack is easy to set-up, cost effective, and the perfect 'backbone' solution to bring together devices or siloed systems within your manufacturing plant.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

BizStack has been proven to increase productivity and efficiency with plants and manufacturing facilities by connecting devices, equipment, robots, legacy networks or systems together, which allows data to be freely shared for endless opportunities with new IoT applications.

Manufacturing companies can now easily connect machines, transform sensor data, monitor different siloed systems and perform real-time analytics to predict when maintenance is necessary and increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

BizStack allows for many different applications, including human and object based Ai software that sits on top of your camera's UI that can predict and understand behaviors that can lead to improved safety, better performance and reduce costs associated with workman's compensation.   

By utilizing the data obtained, we work with your team to identify ways and metrics to improve productivity and make it possible to realize smart factories and reach a digital transformation (DX).

The possibilities of acquiring and using data are endless.


  • Remote continuous monitoring and data collection of equipment at multiple sites (in real time) with 100% guaranteed reliable data
  • Optimal control of shared facilities
  • Increase operational efficiency, safety and productivity
  • Save on equipment maintenance costs by performing troubleshooting remotely
  • Achieve Real-time location information of workers, vehicles, or devices
  • KPI tracking
  • Incident recording video playback
    Operation history display
  • Create a Digital Twin of your plant or manufacturing facility
  • Customizable dashboard to be managed by your team and / or customers
  • BizStack provides Endless Possibilities…