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Start with a Proof-of-Concept, then Scale!

Think Big, Start Small: A PoC that Pays for Itself!

We like building things. But that doesn’t mean we like to build big technology things for the sake of building big technology things (actually, we kind-of do!).

And that doesn’t mean our clients want to jump in the deep end on day one.

After conducting an in-depth survey, talking through ideas, challenges & solutions, we will discuss the best way to integrate the technical aspects. Only then will we propose a proof of concept (POC) built on our BizStack platform and layer on Generative AI.

The POC will showcase the possibilities of the platform, can be built upon and a detailed product roadmap paired with the technical analysis will be proposed.

It’s exactly why some of the world’s largest technology companies continue to work with MODE.   

They started with a Proof-of Concept then found that our platform could be deployed 4X faster and was 70% less expensive than in-house software developers or the competition.



No More Shiny Object Syndrome: Let’s Talk About Real Benefits

Through the creation of the POC, we are able to showcase:

1) We are part of your team: We get to know the team players involved, listen to challenges, ideas and ask questions.  We are all about transparency and building trust.

2) Strategy & Consultancy: Deeper dive into technical challenges, priorities, expectations, address concerns, and build out a proposal.  

3) Proof of Concept: Customer to install gateway, sensors and data collected. Dashboard populated and MODE provides customer training. Fairly easy process!

4) Verify: We want to make sure the desired outcome(s) meet the desired expectation(s).

5) Scalability: No more worrying about all the scaling issues or starting over.  Scaling is easy and straightforward.  

6) Growth steps -We grow as part of your team with ongoing applications after proving ourselves!