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MODE Robot Cloud
A Robot Management Platform
A Connected Cloud System Designed for Robots
01 / Minimal-Effort Support

Robot Cloud is designed for robot manufacturers or maintenance companies that want to provide customer support while still focusing on their core service.

02 / A Robust and Scalable Cloud

Collect high frequency data online or offline, and while doing so, configure alerts to stay on top of issues that may arise. Robot Cloud makes it easy to manage deployed IoT services by integrating with existing cloud infrastructure.

03 / All In One Place

No need for providing manual support across multiple customer verticals; Robot Cloud’s user interface allows you to jump into different customer views with the click of a button.

Unmatched Connectivity and Delivery
Guaranteed Data Delivery
Robot Cloud’s guaranteed delivery refers to the seamless delivery of time-series data. Guaranteed Delivery ensures that time-series data is written even under an unstable network, device agnostic.
Customizable Heartbeat Alerts
In many IoT deployments, service providers need to know the state of their devices in real-time. Robot Cloud’s heartbeat feature keeps track of all gateway activities so that customers can have a clear understanding of a device’s connectivity. Heartbeat alerts can be configured to trigger on specific data-stream settings unique to your use-case.
SDK Integration Flexibility
Robot Cloud offers a wide range of device integration options so that data can be sent virtually anywhere, regardless of what OS you are running.
Customer Support Arsenal
Cloud-based Customer Support
The ability to configure and monitor your projects has never been easier. Whether you are a device manufacturer focused on supporting your customers or partnering with a maintenance company, Robot Cloud’s customer support service can provide you with the necessary tools to provide top-tier support.
CRM Integrations
Working with an existing CRM like Salesforce, but still managing your service cloud manually? Our platform integrates with third party customer management applications to further automate your service workflows.
Device and Application Management
Over The Air Updates (OTAU)
OTAU is a unique cloud service which updates the gateway program remotely by using a wireless network. MODE manages the program and provides the API for OTAU so that your app can implement OTAU easily.
Log Collector
Most deployed devices maintain a system log of the device’s history. These logs may assist in troubleshooting. The gateway log collector is a solution designed for debugging various issues. MODE supports querying and downloading these logs through the Developer Console.
Application REST API Proxy
API Proxy is a feature of the MODE platform that proxies calls to certain endpoints of MODE’s REST API to a project's application server. MODE performs the authentication and authorization for the application service, and passes along platform resource information to avoid any additional server-to-server calls so your application can integrate seamlessly.
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