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Do You Want Smarter Products?

Are you looking to connect with your product for predictive maintenance? 

Build a SaaS model for your device, equipment, or sensor products? 

Do you want a customer-facing dashboard? 

Simple, yet powerful, the BizStack IoT solution collects ‘real-time’ data from any device, equipment, product or sensor -and from anywhere in the world! 

Data is cleaned, ‘uniquely’ structured & our highly customizable intuitive dashboards provide powerful insights along with properly securing it in the cloud for ongoing IoT and Ai applications.   

Turnkey IoT Platform Deployed 4X Faster & 70% Less Expensive.

Gain real-time monitoring and valuable insights for your devices, equipment, or sensor products, complete with alerts to stay ahead of preventative maintenance issues, proactively address breakdowns, and deliver exceptional value to your customers.

We have had the privilege of collaborating with renowned organizations such as Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Hitachi, who have witnessed remarkable outcomes using cutting-edge technologies. For instance, they have leveraged video-based AI analysis to ensure worker safety, identify unusual behaviors, boost productivity, collect vital data on vehicles and machinery, and even create digital twins for realistic simulations.

These impressive successes began with a Proof-of-Concept, and our BizStack solution proved to be four times faster to deploy and 70% more cost-effective compared to in-house software developers or competing options.


  • Ready-made, plug & play, and easy to deploy IoT services.
  • Designed to be highly customizable to make 'smart' products smarter.
  • 100% Guaranteed reliable arrival data from all of your devices, equipment and sensor products.
  • Data is uniquely prepared, structured, and secured for ongoing IoT and Ai applications, or digital-twin like format.
  • Easily built SaaS model platforms for your devices, equipment, or sensor products.
  • Receive data from product from anywhere in the world! 
  • Sensor service plug-in architecture.
  • Unlike other IoT platforms, data can be simultaneously collected through asynchronous programming -Where experience counts!
  • Used in over 200 locations and over 30 Global Brands.