Collect & apply real world sensor data to your business.
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Robot Cloud
Managing or developing robot fleets? Robot Cloud is the perfect solution for getting insights into the state of devices while providing fast responses to issues that may arise.
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Mobility Cloud
Whether you’re field testing self-driving cars or managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, MODE helps you gather real-time sensor data from your vehicles and journeys and instantly apply it to streamline your business.
Limitless Commercial Applications
MODE uses cloud-based technology to integrate with whichever sensors you need, from controlling Smart Homes to monitoring utility costs in factories. Analyze real world data systems on a large scale, with 24/7 monitoring & firmware management for 10,000+ installations.
Works with Any Hardware
We built MODE with flexibility at its core. We can adapt to sensors from whatever manufacturers you need.
Reliable 24/7 Data Collection
Built to transmit data even in unstable network environments, our Gateway lets you collect & analyze data reliably: all day, every day, for months on end.
Start Fast Without Committing
Building a new system? The Gateway box lets you start collecting sensor data in less than a day. Since you can start with as few as one unit for testing, it's far faster & cheaper than an in-house solution.
Lightning Fast Data Collection with Time Series
MODE's Time Series is the world's only database dedicated exclusively to collecting & managing sensor data. Analyze all your sensor data super-fast, no matter how many sensors you have connected.
Grow your Sensor Data Collection Without Sacrificing Performance
Whether you’re struggling to integrate hundreds of sensors or plan to grow to millions, MODE lets you seamlessly collect data from an infinite number of sensors simultaneously, without sacrificing performance or reliability.
Improve your Data Collection Systems as a Whole
MODE helps you with firmware updates that expand functionality and fix bugs within your data collection systems. Want to learn more?
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About Us
Gaku Ueda
Gaku Ueda - CEO/Co-founder
Gaku has held leadership roles in some of the most prominent technology firms in Silicon Valley, driving engineering of services that run on a massive scale. Prior to founding MODE, Inc., he was Director of Engineering at Twitter. At Google, he led the team that launched Google Maps in Japan and grew the service into a market leader.
Ethan Kan
Ethan Kan - CTO/Co-founder
Ethan is a software architect, coder and API designer. As the first engineering hire of ONElist, he helped create one of the first social networks of the Internet. He went on to become the tech lead of Yahoo Groups, overseeing both development and operations. Before co-founding MODE, he was Director of Engineering at social games company 50Cubes.
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