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Construction Possibilities

BizStack is an end-to-end IoT platform that enables advancements in construction site safety, worker performance, and operational efficiencies.

Simple, yet powerful, the BizStack IoT solution collects ‘real-time’ data from any sensor, device, product, equipment or legacy system  -and from anywhere in the world! 

Data is cleaned, ‘uniquely’ structured & our highly customizable intuitive dashboards provide powerful insights along with properly securing it in the cloud for ongoing IoT and Ai applications.   

Utilize one dashboard to visualize or compare multiple location's data, outcomes and performance. 

BizStack is easy to set-up, cost effective, and the perfect 'backbone' solution to bring together siloed devices or systems within construction companies.

Improve Performance, Operations & Safety

Is your construction site faced with having on-going challenges of collecting reliable, 'real-time' data from devices, equipment and even humans?

How about collecting data from remote locations? 

Do you have multiple systems that do not integrate with each other and have limited customization? 

Have you found that many solutions take forever to deploy and costs just keep adding up?  

MODE has solved these problems and many more.  

That's precisely why MODE has become the preferred choice for some of the largest construction giants across the globe. These companies initially embarked on a Proof-of-Concept journey and soon discovered that BizStack outshines in-house software developers and competitors by deploying solutions four times faster and at a remarkable 70% cost reduction.

Use Case Outcomes

  • Remote continuous monitoring of pumps, machinery, equipment or the entire jobsite from anywhere in the world
  • Get real-time alerts when equipment is not working
  • Reduce costs by monitoring equipment for preventative maintenance and perform troubleshooting remotely
  • Do automatic inventory checks of containers with volume sensing
  • Easily deploy asset tracking on equipment and tools.
  • Detect human & object activity to improve worker safety, identify unauthorized access to restricted sites or detect anomalies before it happens with Ai software that can be used with your existing video cameras.

  • KPI tracking
  • Incident recording video playback
  • Operation history display
  • Create a digital twin of your construction site
  • Customizable dashboard to be managed by your team and/or customers
  • Automate processes more easily
  • BizStack provides Endless Possibilities…